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Winterberries Yarn is the dream come true of owner Stephanie Sosnovik Goodlow who learned how to spin yarn one day on a drop spindle, and discovered a love of spinning, and has added dying and creating her own yarns to that art.  Always wanting to open another store, since the original Winterberries closed back in 2008 ~ the opportunity presented itself and Winterberries Yarn was born!  We hope you will stop in and visit and ask questions about learning how to spin yourself.  All it takes to get started is a drop spindle and some raw fiber (roving). Thank you for your support, we hope this store will add some more traffic to the community and we are very happy that we helped restore this old building to the beautiful store it is today! 


Our Yarn

We offer classes for weaving, spinning, knitting, and crochet!  Buy a weaving loom and get your 1st class FREE!  We carry a wonderful variety of quality yarns including  but not limited to:

Plymouth * Berroco * Cascade* Forbidden Fiber * Three Irish Girls*

Malabrigo * Jaggerspun * Great Adirondack * Machete Shoppe* Knitters Pride *  Hedgehog Fibres* 

And our store mascot Jexie will be more than happy to help you pick out your purrfect match!

For your weaving and spinning needs we are a Kromski Dealer * 



Our Guarantee

We're here to inspire you and help you show your style through your craft.   We guarantee that you will be satisfied. 

We are a Kromski Dealer

Kromski and Sons Old World Craftmanship for Fiber Artists.


 Kromski and Sons is a family business. Three generations of Kromskis have worked with wood and learned the craft of wood turning, a skill they have elevated to an art.Leon Kromski began a turning business in 1918 and operated it until 1939 when the impact of WWII and Communism made it impossible to continue. His son, also named Leon, having mastered turning from his father, resurrected the craft and the business in 60’s by producing the first of a line of spinning wheels. 

Spinning Products

The Sonata

The Sonata is pictured here.  We also can order the following models:  Fantasia, Minstrel, Prelude, Interlude, Polonaise, and Symphony.

The Harp Forte Rigid Heddle Loom


 After decades of making spinning wheels, the Kromski family decided to “try their hand” at Rigid Heddle Looms. Now, weaver’s around the globe are so glad they did!! What the Kromski family has achieved in the Harp Forte is not only innovative in design, but is also superior in functionality and is aesthetically evident of the Kromski beauty our products are reputable for.   The Harp Forte is available in warping widths of 8, 16, 24 and 32 inches. Two of the more prominent features of the Harp Forte are the improved, innovative metal ratchet and pawl mechanisms, featuring rare earth magnets that grant durable project tensioning and the side-lock latches that allow for convenient portability of your Harp Forte (even mid-project!!).  

Weaving with One Skein


At one point or another I think we are all guilty of spontaneous yarn purchases. You know the ones, that skein of yarn that struck a note with your heart and you just had to buy it? You had no idea what to make from this single, beautiful skein. And it didn’t matter – it was just too pretty to pass up!

Then you get it home and there it sits for months, maybe even years, waiting for that perfect knit or crochet pattern to come along.  And naturally, because you only have the one skein, the pattern choices are limited.

So now what? How do we rescue that one, fabulous skein, from a hidden stash drawer destiny?

Weaving – that’s how!

Buy a loom and receive a FREE class!


One on one classes offered to get you started on your new weaving adventure!  Call or stop by so we can tell you all about the looms we offer for sale.  Then we will schedule your first class!

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